Some basics and specifics about my healing practice.

In a nutshell, Christian Science prayer enables the human mind to yield to God, who is divine Mind, and what He is knowing.


What God is knowing is His perfect, harmonious, entirely spiritual creation--which includes us. Christianly scientific prayer recognizes the spiritual truths, or laws, relative to the discord we're seeing. As that discord is supplanted in thought by the spiritual reality, healing and adjustment take place in our lives. We're not actually changing the reality of our situation, but rather gaining a deeper understanding, through God's grace, of its true, harmonious spiritual nature.

That's not a problem at all. Healing takes place as the Christ uplifts consciousness. The Christ is a divine influence ever-present in human consciousness, and already complete with the perfect solution to your challenge. Prayer in Christian Science makes us aware of these solutions. Distance is no obstacle to God, who is omnipresent. Feel free to contact me anytime or schedule an appointment.

After you let me know what you'd like help with, I'll share relevant spiritual ideas from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. We can talk about them. Then, if you would like, I will pray for you--give you Christian Science treatment--that day.

After an initial phone conversation, at your request, I will pray for you on a given day. If you'd like more support another day, you can let me know via a brief phone call, email, or text message. I'll only work for you on days you ask me to.


If you would not like Christian Science treatment, but would still like to discuss Christian Science with me, I consider that an office visit, whether it's in person or via phone. 

If you have requested treatment, what I will do is pray. I will prayerfully listen for and affirm spiritual facts relevant to the issue you requested help overcoming. This is how healing is accomplished in Christian Science.

Currently, I charge $30 per day of treatment and reduce it to $20 per day if treatment is required longer than two weeks to resolve a challenge.


For office visits, in person or by phone, I charge $30 per 15 minutes.


I send out invoices at the end of each month, usually by email. Payment by check is preferred.

Call me or send an email or book an appointment.

All communication is strictly confidential.