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2 minutes a day. 5 days a week. Listen for practical Christian ideas to put into practice right away. "Like" on Facebook to add it to your News Feed.

CS Experiences of Healing sans XnCrwn

Hear first-hand accounts of Christian Science healing.

Monitor Daily Intro

"Journalism can be a force for good – for inspiration and progress. But only if we make it so. And only if all of us stand together.” –Mark Sappenfield, Editor, The Christian Science Monitor

Bible Lesson - no cross n crown - CSPS preference

Every week, Christian Scientists around the world gain individual inspiration from a common Bible Lesson. It's made up of passages from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook. Available in print, electronic, and audio versions, and in multiple languages.


e-Sword: "The Sword of the Lord with an electronic edge." Free software that gives you access to multiple Bible translations, definitions of the original Hebrew and Greek words translated to English in the Bible (Strong's Concordance), commentaries, Noah Webster's 1828 dictionary, and more. Available for desktop and mobile.

JSH banner - CSPS authorized

The Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, and Herald Online — The Christian Science religious magazines have never been more accessible to subscribers. Now you can read them from your computer, tablet, smartphone, or any device with an Internet connection.


Includes healings, Q&A, and other content on topics relevant to teens and young adults, all of which is easy to share on social media.

A Christian Science Perspective

A daily article from The Christian Science Monitor showcasing a Christian Science perspective of a current event or issue of public interest. Always uplifting, solution-oriented, and grounded in its author's personal experience.

Christian Science Lectures Online

Includes several videos of talks on Christian Science you can watch right away, as well as information and links to find any events happening near you.


Downloadable music with uplifting thoughts. My favorite is "Into the Day" by George and Charles (pictured).

Church Services - just picture square lo

Listen live, or to the most recent replay, of the Sunday church services and Wednesday evening testimony meetings at the Christian Science church in Boston.

CS Find Us - sans XnCrwn

A great resource for finding ways to learn more about Christian Science in person, through the activities of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, a.k.a., the Christian Science church.

My articles

I've had a few articles published in the Christian Science periodicals. You can access them here.


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